About the Feather River Democratic Club

Mission Statement

The Feather River Democratic Club, chartered by the Sutter County Democratic Central Committee in January, 2009, serves Sutter County and Yuba County, California.  It is committed to preserving and fostering the Democratic Party’s principles and to electing Democrats up and down the ticket, from school boards to local, state, and federal offices.  Our activities are centered on Democratic campaign, election, and voter registration activities in our area. On the front lines in a red county, we also focus on increasing awareness and visibility of Democratic Party principles and values.


Our Values

We stand for human rights and social justice.  We believe in equal opportunity without the exclusion of any citizen or resident.  We work every day to spread the Democratic values of freedom (the freedom to live, love, and worship any way we choose) and opportunity (the opportunity to receive a quality education, to work for fair wages and compete on a level playing field, no matter who our parents are).  We believe our communities are stronger when we invest in education, local job creation, health care access, and developing renewable energy.

About the Feather River

The Feather River is the principal tributary of the Sacramento River, in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. The river’s main stem is about 71 miles long. Its length to its most distant headwater tributary is about 220 miles. Its drainage basin is about 6,000 square miles. The main stem Feather River begins in Lake Oroville, where its four long tributary forks join together—the South Fork, Middle Fork, North Fork, and West Branch Feather Rivers. These and other tributaries drain part of the northern Sierra Nevada, and the extreme southern Cascades, as well as a small portion of the Sacramento Valley. The river’s drainage basin above Lake Oroville is 3,222 square miles, or about 83% of the whole.

The Feather River has a rich history of gold mining in the 19th century. It provides water to central and southern California, being the main source of water for the California State Water Project. Its water is also used for hydroelectricity generation.

The Feather is unique in that two of its tributaries, the North Fork and Middle Fork, originate east of the Sierra Nevada in the Diamond Mountains and breach the crest of the Sierras as they flow west.