2013 Theater Party

The FRDC held a fundraising event on Saturday, October 26, during the play “Dracula, the Musical?” at the Acting Company in Yuba City.  Guests were invited to celebrate Halloween by wearing costumes, and our photographer, Bill Knorr, captured some of the best.

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Yuba-Sutter Naturalization Ceremony

September 27, 2013 – U.S. District Judge Morrison England addressed the area’s citizens during the fourth annual Yuba-Sutter naturalization ceremony.  Judge England told a group of 58 new citizens who had just taken the citizenship oath that they were now part of the greatest nation in the world, and they are obligated to vote as part of the democratic process that many have fought to defend.   The event was open to the public, and a community celebration with food, entertainment, speakers, and services followed the ceremony.


Angel                                    FRDC member Angel Diaz co-chaired the celebration.

Richard, Miguel, Bob Kent, Betty                                FRDC member Richard Cray, local Democrat Bob Kent,

                                and FRDC member Betty Knorr welcome new citizen Migual Raya.

Maria & Miguel

                                   Maria Raya congratulates husband Miguel Raya on

                                   receiving his citizenship certificate.

Registering to vote after the ceremony was easy, as local organizations, including the Yuba-Sutter Democratic Club, had registration forms available.  Even though naturalized citizens comprise 8.1 percent of voting-age citizens in the United States, naturalized citizens are generally less likely to vote than native citizens, according to a 2012 report by the Center of the Study of Immigration Integration at the University of Southern California.