Select a Political Party

Why Do I Need to Choose a Political Party?

In some elections, especially on the national level (for Senate, House of Representatives and President), only parties with sufficient registered members may put a candidate on the ballot. 

But to determine who that person is, only people who are registered as being a member of that party in that election (local, state, or national) can vote. This is called a “primary election”. 

Everyone else will only have the people each of these parties nominate in their “primary election” as options for the “general election”, so choose a political party to ensure your candidate gets on the ballot.

Why Register as a Democrat?

The Democratic Party has always stood with real people, not millionaires, and its principles reflect that. Its focused on concrete changes that impact our lives, not spewing hate and clogging the wheels of the economy, our military, even ensuring we have clean water to drink. 

Below are the key principles of the Democratic Party 2024 platform:

  • Building a stronger, fairer economy 
  • Providing a world-class education in every zip code 
  • Achieving universal, affordable, quality health care 
  • Creating a 21st century immigration system 
  • Protecting communities and building trust by reforming our criminal justice system 
  • Combating the climate crisis and pursuing environmental justice 
  • Restoring and strengthening our democracy 
  • Renewing American leadership in the world 

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How do I Change my Political Party?

In order to change your political party preference, you must re-register to vote.